Legal services

Our Company renders the spectrum of legal services in next directions:
1. Registration of rights on the real estate;
2. Registration of certificates of origin of commodities and services in Ukraine;
3. Receipt of status of PARTNER IPO the Warsaw exchange stock;
4. Registration of trade mark, registration of patent, protection of authorial rights;
5. Services of advocate;
6. Economic Law;
7. Corporate law;
8. Family law;
9. Judicial-claim practice.
During long time we cooperate with foreign companies on international market. Our skilled employees will help to understand subtleties of legislation of different countries for you. Main task our Company is development of business in Ukraine, introduction of NT and help in processing of documents. Basic question, that is before any company in Ukraine is how correct make process documents on a commodity, products for sale in countries ЕС. Exactly we can answer all Your questions, and you get prepared package of documents.
For asking question to our specialist you can go to CONTACTS to division.
We present Your interests on the Warsaw Exchange stock at processing of all necessary documents for participating of Your Company in the program WSE IPO Partner. Getting this status, you has good privileges for work in countries ЕС. Support of Warsaw Exchange Stock within the framework of agreement on collaboration gives opportunity to participate in events on bringing in of enterprises that is interested in placing of the issued financial instruments on the exchange grounds of Warsaw Exchange Stock to Your Company.
Working with our Company you get assured rights and protect your business.